About Us

The Cervical Barrier Advancement Society (CBAS) is housed at Ibis Reproductive Health. Ibis Reproductive Health is a global nonprofit driving change through bold, rigorous research and principled partnerships that advance sexual and reproductive autonomy, choices, and health worldwide. We believe that research can catalyze change when the entire process is viewed as an opportunity to shift power, is undertaken in partnership with the communities most impacted, and includes a focus on how data can be most effectively used to make change. We focus on increasing access to quality abortion care, transforming access to abortion and contraception through technology and service innovations, and expanding comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information and services. Ibis works with partners in more than 30 countries on six continents. To learn more about Ibis Reproductive Health, please visit the Ibis website.

This website is a tool for sharing information with our members and with the general public. It contains information about cervical barriers, downloadable materials, images of cervical barriers, and research updates.

In addition, CBAS sends a newsletter with announcements and updates about new research, conferences, and advancements related to cervical barriers several times a year.