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A diaphragm is a latex or silicone cup with a firm flexible rim and shallow dome that can be coated with gel and folded for insertion into the vagina.

Indications for use as a contraceptive:

  • Insert diaphragm with spermicide before intercourse
  • Apply more spermicide before additional acts of intercourse
  • Leave the diaphragm in place for at least six hours after intercourse
  • Do not wear for more than 24 hours

Singa® Diaphragm

A picture of the Singa silicone diaphragm

KESSEL Medintim GmbH
The Singa diaphragm is a reusable silicone diaphragm with a polymer spring that is available in multiple diameter sizes: 60mm, 65mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm, 85mm and 90mm. Launched in Germany in May 2020, as of March 2021 it is also available in Switzerland, Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

SILCS (Caya®)

KESSEL Medintim GmbH
The SILCS diaphragm, marketed as Caya, is an intravaginal barrier device. It is made of silicone with an arcing ring. SILCS has a pre-shaped rim to cling high in the vaginal vault and a finger cup on one edge for easy removal. It is a one-size-fits-all device. It is currently available in the US, Canada, and in select countries in Europe.

Milex Wide Seal Diaphragm

The Milex Wide Seal is a silicone diaphragm with a shallow dome and a wide rim with an arcing or omniflex spring. It has a small skirt around the rim intended to hold gel in place and improve the seal. It is available in eight diameter sizes, from 60 to 95mm, in 5mm increments. The Wide Seal diaphragm is available from the manufacturer and is distributed in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Semina Diaphragm

Semina Industries and Commerce Ltd.
The Semina is a clear, silicone diaphragm with a visible coil spring. It is available in six diameter sizes, from 60 to 85mm, in 5mm increments. As of October 2021, the manufacturer confirms that production of the Semina diaphragm is paused; they anticipate that it will resume in early 2021. The manufacturer and distributors in Brazil are out of stock.

Under Development

BufferGel Duet (under development)

ReProtect, LLC.
The BufferGel Duet is a reusable, one-size-fits-all, clear diaphragm made of dipped polyurethane. It will be marketed with pouches of BufferGel, a candidate microbicide and contraceptive.


ORTHO Coil Spring Diaphragm (discontinued)

Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
The Coil Spring is a latex diaphragm with a shallow dome and a flexible rim with a coil spring. It was available in nine diameter sizes, from 55 to 95mm, in 5mm increments. The Coil Spring diaphragm was available in the United States and elsewhere and was a popular method in the United Kingdom. The Coil Spring was discontinued in 2008.

ORTHO ALL-FLEX Arcing Spring Diaphragm (discontinued)

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
The ALL-FLEX is a diaphragm with a shallow dome and a flexible rim with an arcing spring. The ALL-FLEX diaphragm is made from silicone rather than latex rubber and was available in 4 sizes (65, 70, 75 and 80mm). According to Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the switch from latex to silicone was expected to reduce allergic adverse events experienced with latex. The ALL-FLEX diaphragm was discontinued by Janssen Pharmaceuticals in December 2013.

Reflexions Flat Spring Diaphragm (discontinued)

Williams Medical
The Reflexions Flat Spring is a latex diaphragm with a rim that is similar to the coil spring but thinner and more delicate. It was available in 5mm increments, from 55mm to 95mm. The Flat Spring was manufactured in Britain. The Reflexions Flat Spring diaphragm was discontinued in 2014.