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Cervical barriers (CBs) are safe, effective, woman-controlled contraceptives that prevent pregnancy by covering the cervix. Research is underway to see if they can also protect women against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

This page provides links to information about cervical barriers and current research.

About Cervical Barriers

This section provides an overview of cervical barriers and includes information on diaphragms, cervical caps, other cervical barriers, female condoms, sponges, and microbicides.

Preventing HIV/STIS

New evidence indicates that the cervix may be a particularly vulnerable site for HIV/STI infection, and researchers believe that cervical barriers may have the potential to reduce risk by covering the cervix.

Clinical Trials and Research

This section contains an overview of recently completed, ongoing, and planned clinical trials, including studies on cervical barriers for HIV/STI prevention.

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The download center contains materials that can be viewed, downloaded, and used in advocacy, education, and outreach activities. The download center includes handouts, presentations, and reference literature.


This section provides images of cervical barriers for viewing and downloading.

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